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We are a locally owned and operated family business who has been around for almost 40 years. We like to serve fresh, homemade, locally-sourced products that remind you of cooking your grandma would make you (since that's where we get most of our recipes). We recently moved to our new location in 2018, with a fresh new look, but the same great taste and service. We love and appreciate the loyalty of our customers, from the ones who who have been coming daily for the past 20 years for their regular cup of coffee and a piece of pie, to the new ones who came in thinking it was Pizza Hut, decided to stay for a GP Burger, and now it's their favorite spot in town. We welcome all old and new to be apart of our Major's family!



Major's was first started by Ron Major shortly after he built, owned and operated the Prairie Haven Motel. It started because of their customers' requests for food/room service, and the restaurant soon became the local attraction it is today with homemade food, and homely feeling of a family-run business. Since 2007 the restaurant has been owned and operated by Tracy (Ron's daughter) and Todd Fogle, and in 2018 they made the move just five blocks north of the original location.

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